The Company

Chronos Photonics strives to be your trusted partner for custom calibration & metrology solutions. Based in sunny Orlando Florida, our founder has two patents pending in lidar calibration and over 6 years of experience in SWIR technology. Our team has a proven track record developing solutions in optical test, end-of-line calibration, and remote sensing. Chronos serves industrial, automotive, and commercial clients including startups.

Some of our completed and ongoing projects include:

  • Design of an F-theta lens for an RGB laser scanner
  • Programmed an interactive interferometer model showing changes over temperature
  • Design & integration of an NIR Twyman - Green interferometer for thermo-optic material characterization
  • Design and manufacture of a terrestrial optical wireless link for quantum key distribution over 5 km distance
  • Design and procurement of a novel beam shaping optic to enable municipal pipe inspection

The Founder

Chronos is owned and operated by James T. Nathan, an alumnus of the University of Rochester Institute of Optics. To learn more about James, check out the "Owner's CV" link at the top of the page.

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