Experts in Optical Wireless

Chronos manufactures free space optical communication (FSOC) terminals for terrestrial applications such as quantum key distribution (QKD)

Cutting Edge Optical Metrology

We solve the most difficult challenges in optical manufacturing with custom infrared interferometers and other metrology solutions

Space Grade Quality Commitment

Our founder evaluated and tested the optical performance of the Perseverence rover Hazcam, Cachecam, and Navcam imaging lenses

Automotive Innovators

Our founder has two patents pending for novel methods of lidar test and calibration. (image credits to Daniel Lawrence Lu)

Why choose us?

You're eager to develop innovative photonic products and solutions. We can help.


We offer a unique combination of expertise in optical engineering, manufacturing, and business development


Our team has a proven track record in optical testing, metrology, end-of-line calibration, remote sensing, and more.


We have an extensive network of contacts. We'll connect you to the right resources for your most urgent projects.


Leverage our space-grade test engineering and design for six sigma (DFSS) expertise to maximize product robustness


Hire us and gain access to cutting edge photonics solutions without the commitment of additional full time staff


The team offers world class support for new and legacy work products, whether remotely, on-site, or at your customer's facility.

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